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What are Orthotics?

digital orthoticsOrthotics are custom insoles which maximize foot and body mechanics while we stand, walk and run, by controlling motion, weight distribution and reactive ground pressure.

We use the most advanced foot and body balance technology available to help identify your orthotic needs. By using 3DO Digital Orthotic Imaging System, we can produce extremely accurate 3 dimensional images of the foot, both while standing and walking to determine what type of biomechanical correction you need. This is done in our office and typically only takes 90 seconds! We produce for you a 7 point assessment report.

7 Point Assessment Report looks at:

  • Weight Distribution
  • Areas of High Pressure
  • Body Balance
  • Mass Displacement
  • Phases of Gait
  • Gait Symmetry
  • Symmetry

This information is also sent to the engineering lab at 3DO and your bio-engineered ergonomic device is created.